Health Fair at Ayer Council on Aging

On April ll, we participated in a Health Fair at the Ayer Council on Aging.  These health fairs are a must attend event for seniors. You can get your blood pressure and bone density checked for free. There are always medical insurance companies present that can help you determine the type  of coverage you need to supplement your medicare insurance.  Helpful information on eating healthy, low salt diets, or low sugar/carb diets for diabetics was available.
Always There Homecare had a free drawing for a basket of wellness products including a free 2-hour gift certificate for homecare services.  It was fabulous fun delivering the basket to the winner.
We’re hoping she uses her gift certificate soon for something fun:  trip to the mall to  shop or some home cooked meals for her freezer.
We’ll be at the Lunenburg Fair June 26th, 9-llam.  Drop by and take a chance to win the basket full of healthcare products and gift certificate.

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