Finally spring in New England, tackle those projects head on!

Spring is here and  hopefully to stay. With the coming of spring, there are endless projects to do.  If you’re feeling like these projects are overwhelming you, Always There Homecare can help you. Homecare isn’t just for personal care.  It’s a trip to the mall to shop for new spring clothes or all those spring birthday presents.  How about help cleaning out your closets and cupboards.  Would you like to put in a few tomato plants?  How about learning how to send E-mail to friends? Or just someone that would cook some homemade meals that you could freeze and eat at your leisure.  When you wish you could do more—you can—-with our help

It always amazes the little changes that make a big difference. Recently, one of the girls spent some time teaching how to use email, it was tough at first, but after they realized it was easy, and it resulted in pictures of the grandchildren on the computer screen.  I am glad to be involved with such a great community of people, it really changes lives.